1- What does padel mean?

Padel is a racquet sport and is a mix between tennis and squash.

2- What is the difference between padel and tennis?

Padel focuses more on technique and while tennis steers more towards strength and power. Padel is usually played by doubles on each side of the court. The padel court is one third the size of a tennis court. Although padel and tennis share the same scoring system, they differ in how they’re played.

3- Does Play Padel offer private sessions?

Yes, we provide PT sessions with our coaches, coach Fawaz AlRefaie and coach Ruben Castro García. P.T session can only be booked through calling/texting Play Padel.

4- Is padel suitable for children?

Yes! Padel is suitable for everyone.

5- Can I rent a court anywhere?

Yes, you can rent our courts by downloading our Play Padel application. We also provide a service where we build courts anywhere you want.

6- Does padel require me to wear specific gear while playing?

No, but it is recommended to have proper sport wear and proper shoes, and everything can be purchased through out ProShop.

7- What are your working hours?

From 8:00am to 1:00am

8- Do you provide us with padel equipment?

Yes, Padel rackets could be rented, and balls are to be purchased from our pro shop

10- Can I extend my session while playing?

Yes, if the next session is available