Rent a Court

Ready-made courts will be available to everyone at Play Padel's facility and academy. The spaces provided are equipped with everything padel players might need to enjoy a game.

From flooring, to nets and rackets, our courts are both safe and complete with the necessary equipment.

Have a court and play your game without the commitment.

Build a Court

We at Play Padel provide top of the line courts provided by Padel10, an international padel federation certified manufacturer and World Padel Tour supplier. These courts provide a high quality turf from MONDO, the official world padel tour turf.

We build our clients an entire space equipped with all the necessary facilities. Wherever the client is, our team will be able to build an encompassing environment wherever and whenever. Our team ensures everything built is secure using the highest quality of products, prioritizing our client's safely and well-being. The aim is to practice your passions anywhere.

Play Padel courts include:

  • Concrete slabs for a smooth surface.
  • Cable and electric work.
  • Outdoor court roof.
  • Enclosed steel structure.

Maintenance a Court

Our maintenance team are highly qualified and are trained by Padel10's team to pay attention to all the intricate details of installation and assembly. With more than 200 hours of training, our maintenance team ensures our courts are safe and secure.

We are prepared for any unfortunate incidents that might take place in our courts. Whether a screw is loose or if you find anything out of place, we take responsibility for ensuring our clients enjoy a fully functioning court upon installment, and in case there is any damages (mentioned below), we will either replace it or repair it.

Maintenance includes:

  • Replacement of court glass panels.
  • Cleaning of court glass panels.
  • Replacement of artificial grass when necessary.
  • Replacement of padel court net.
  • Repair and maintenance of the lighting system.
  • Replacement of original court screws.

Facility management

We at Play Padel are able to provide our clients with a turn-key solution where our team builds, installs and offers full maintenance for fully operating courts. 
We are also willing to partner up to enhance our expertise in managing the facility and expand in and beyond the borders of Kuwait. Our experienced personnel are available to help provide our clients with recommendations that improve the facilities.


Lounge Area

Our lounge area is for those who wish to unwind after or before a match.

Whether with friends or alone, our lounge area is the place for you to rest, and enjoy a beverage.