About Us


A community of active minds and bodies.

Play Padel is our way of staying active, building a community and creating healthy habits.

Padel is a fresh and upcoming sport that has taken over in recent times. We offer courts for those who wish to be a part of friendly competitions and enhance their physical and mental abilities. Padel is a sport similar to tennis in its function but differs in its rules and regulations.

Through Play Padel, we provide services to fit our client's needs. From installing the court, renting out an existing space or joining private PT sessions with one of our coaches, our clients will receive a service that is both exciting and communal. With two members on each side of the court, this sport encourages sportsmanship, teamwork and a passion for self-improvement as well as staying active.

We are a team of highly trained, highly dedicated individuals who are passionate about sharing a court with other like-minded people. 

Building a community we are passionate about. 
Be a part of it.


Play Padel's mission is to be recognized as an exciting, stimulating and motivating environment for those who wish to stay active and healthy. Our mission is to create a sense of community through our love of sports and friendly competition.


Our vision goes beyond the sport itself. We at Play Padel wish to create a professional community of padel players that transcends the borders of Kuwait. As visionaries in the sports field, our aim is to establish a padel academy for everyone to learn.


Our ideas and motivations are built on these foundational values: dedication, commitment, sportsmanship and passion. Without having them lead our actions, we cannot reach our goals nor ambitions.

We define this term through seeing where we want to reach as athletes. Our dedication will push us to achieve everything we set our minds to.

Some days will be hard and some won't, but our commitment to creating a community and spreading our vision, our tireless efforts will be fruitful.

Having great sportsmanship and being a team player is all about having a great time while staying active and treating our bodies well. We treat all our members fairly and generously because we all share the same end goal.

We believe that work follows passion, therefore we encourage members to enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy.